Director's Chair

"  When I’m good, I’m very good.
But when I am bad I’m better"
Mae West

Please arrive freshly showered, and show up clean. You are welcome to use the hotel’s shower facilities if  needed.

Please bring the donation in cash only in an unsealed envelope, and place the envelope on the hotel’s desk in plain sight. If I’m visiting you please the donation in the bathroom of your hotel room next to the sink. If we are meeting in public please have the donation prepared in a card, and present it me upon my arrival. Please don’t make me ask for the donation. Please don’t attempt to negotiate upon my meeting as doing so will cause me to end our time together.

Discretion / Privacy:
I offer the utmost discretion, and will never kiss and tell. I will sign an NDA if needed. I destroy your screening information immediately after the screening process. If you choose to film our sessions I ask that you keep the content for your enjoyment only, and not post it online.

Screening :
Screening is required for the safety of both parties. I require screening for all new friends, and if you don’t wish to screen then we will not be meeting. If you don’t want to screen seeing providers probably isn’t for you. I pride myself on an outstanding reputation, and highly value your safety. My screening process is easy and painless. I would never do anything that would endanger your employment, family, or vanilla life.

Time outside of the session :
Please be a gentleman, and understand that I’m not available for off the clock time under any circumstances. I understand that often during a session we will discover we have mutual chemistry, share intimacy, and have a mutual attraction. If this is the case I have arrangement packages available. If you would like to text me socially (other than making arrangements to meet ) I offer texting/ virtual girlfriend packages.

I will always go to great lengths to arrive on time. If I am ever late, I will promptly notify you. Our time together starts the moment we meet. If you wish to extend our time together, please have the required donation available. Friends who cancel dates within the 24 hours will be required to pay a $200 rebooking fee.


Any cancellations made under 24 hours of notice for any reason require a $200 cancellation fee before future re-bookings. I reserve the right to cancel an appointment at any time, without a refund if I feel disrespected or unsafe. 1 or more cancellations without 24hrs notice & payment of $200 cancellation fee, will result in immediate blacklisting. No further bookings will be allowed.